Have you upgraded your Tableau to the latest version? Tableau already launched the 2021.3 version last month. Whether it is Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep or Tableau Server, they are all spiced up with new and interesting features.

Let’s check out what’s in the Tableau 2021.3 release.

Connect Tableau with Slack

Tableau server and Tableau Online are already equipped with the alert and subscription features.

For example, once data that concerns you hits the threshold specified, it will send a notification including visualization snapshots via an email.

The latest release of Tableau improves on this feature and now allows you to connect directly with Slack so you and your teammates can get notified via Slack. This is great for team discussions and leading your team to data-driven decisions more easily.

Refer here for how to connect Tableau with Slack.

Personal Space

For the previous versions of Tableau Server and Tableau Online, you can bookmark published workbooks as favorites. You can also save the view that you are interested in.

However, the server/site administrators might need to create the project or even grant you access for those workbooks. Also, although you could explore for more insights, you might need to save the workbook as another copy, but where to?

So this Personal Space is perfect! You can use it as a personal folder. Save the work-in-process workbooks here until you are ready to share them with others.

Generate missing data in Tableau Prep

Ever suffered from missing data? For example, Although there are no sales during Mar-May 2021, you still want the chart to show zero for those months. Therefore, you need to work around by creating a calendar with all dates then blend or join tables. That is a lot to do for a tiny wish.

Now the new Tableau Prep allows you to generate the missing data at the row level, for not only date but also datetimes and integers. You can also opt for filling in the data with zero or the same values as the previous row.

Drag data tables to BigQuery

Usually when you want to connect tables from BigQuery in Tableau Desktop, you will need to write a query. I find it cumbersome when I want to call all data into Tableau for a quick look.

Now you do not need to write a query to get data anymore. Simply drag the table to the space in the middle. It is not a significant upgrade but I find it very useful and it saves me a lot of time.

These are the highlights of Tableau 2021.3 that I find useful for me. For more details, please check here.


Mu Pojthanamas

Originally from Bangkok Thailand. An MBA graduate from Waseda University. Currently working as a Tableau consultant at Principle.