Web Analytics Business

Principle’s core business – Web Analytics.

We propose Web strategies to our customers by optimizing the use of Google Analytics data.

What makes our Web Analytics business advantageous?

  • ①Our proposal is based on “data” and “user behavior” with the latest analytics tools and methods, not with a marketer’s experience and hunch.
  • ②Our team consists of Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) holders led by Kazuhiro Kida, who is respectfully called as “the master” among marketers.

Google Analytics is the advanced free analytics tool that is predominately introduced into Japanese enterprises. Many of our analysts are GAIQ holders. Especially our senior analyst, Kazuhiro Kida, is providing more than 1000 answers in Google Official Help Forum and holds the highest level 11. Nobody else holds this level in Japan therefore he is regarded as the master.

Hybrid Web Diagnosis

Hybrid diagnosis is an innovative diagnosis service that has never been in Web analytics business. Why? Because it utilizes access analytics tools and heat map tools simultaneously. Access analytics tools are mainly used for collecting data and heat map tools are for realizing user psychology. By simultaneously utilizing them, hybrid diagnosis is now possible as they can be mutually complement.

Providing a full range of Web services with analytics as our core business.

We set analytics as our core business and implement listing advertisement, Web creation and system construction.

We are a certified partner of ClickTaleR whose users are 70,000 enterprises around the world.

We have received company level accreditation from ClickTale in Israeli and started providing consulting services in conjunction with Google Analytics. We set analytics as our core business and implement listing advertisement, Web creation and system construction.

We are a Google Adwards certified partner.

With the use of analytics and heat map, we will optimize your AdWords account.

Overseas EC business

Exporting "Made in Japan" products and technologies to the world.

We believe Japanese products and technologies will bring happiness to the customers around the world, therefore, we support to export them.

Overseas – exporting to 6 countries.

We built the platform and set up direct selling channels of high-quality products made in Japan through amazon in 6 countries – the United States, England, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

Now our expected customers are 280 million worldwide. Based on our experience and knowledge, we also provide consulting services to overseas online retailing and sales agent.

Product development – Japanese traditional decorative arts in growing market.

We are collaborating with Echizen lacquerware in Fukui prefecture to produce iPhone cases with Japanese traditional decorative arts of maki-e lacquer and raden.

Selling modernized "made in Japan" products that meet the expectation overseas.

  • ・We’re selling design-rich stationeries produced by Craft Design Technology Co., Ltd.
  • ・We’re selling modernized bamboo products produced by Suruga bamboo lattice ware in Shizuoka prefecture.


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