Princple takes a bordless approach to solve problems through data and langage.

Corporate Philosophy

Principle values a win-win of the individual, their family, colleagues, customers, and the world.

Principle provides a place for individuals to develop their minds, knowledge and techniques into a global standard as a maximizer.

Principle supports the realization of individual dreams and goals through our business.

Code of Conduct

Think ahead and take action proactively

We always think how we can affect and change the surroundings instead of just wait and excuse.

Focus on practice and challenge

We innovate by taking risk and tackling challenges in a courageous manner.
We strongly value the steps and actions beyond theory and putting ideas into practice.

Focus on quadrant 2

We dedicate time and focus on quadrant 2 that are critical but not always urgent, including commitment for internal communication, preparation and planning, self-development, delegation of authority, health-maintenance and reading.

Build the trust account

In order to deposit trust account, we listen to customers and colleagues, understand their paradigm, keep promises, and admit mistakes without protest.

Respect uniqueness and diversity

We individually develop our own expertise, creativity and uniqueness. We respect diversity of age, sex, nationality, working style, attitude and ideas beyond traditional way of thinking.

Meaning of the Logo


Principle as a human being located in the center and the individual, their family, colleagues, customers and the world keeps win-win situation .


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